Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate – Master courses:

Popular Masters level Courses in Australia for International students:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Nursing
  • Business Administration

Accounting and Finance

Australia is recognized for providing innovative and high-quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. They are also among the top 100 in the latest ranking of the World University of QS in terms of academic reputation and proportion of international students. And as the survey progresses, job opportunities in the field of accounting are expected to increase in 2017. Therefore, studying in Australia may be the initial step to a rewarding career in accounting.

Finance and Accounting are the two business sectors that demand smart computing and a high level of convenience with numbers along with a lot of perseverance. This type of degree is particularly appropriate for those who enjoy mathematics but who also wish to apply these skills to the business context and increase awareness of everything involved, be it management, business law or economics. The ability to handle numbers accurately is a unique skill set and that is why graduates in accounting and finance are gaining great career opportunities and lucrative salaries


Australia is not only a paradise for tourists; it also has a solid reputation for having world-class universities, an affordable lifestyle, a solid economy and greater employment opportunities. The last decade has seen a significant increase in international students heading to Australia for higher education with a special focus on engineering.

Whether civil, mechanical, telecommunications, computer, agriculture, industrial, petroleum, geology, aerospace, electrical, chemical, biomedical, Australia offers a wide range of engineering courses to help students specialize in their field. It also offers graduate programs that help you take a step towards a successful career.

The highest salaries, the opportunity to be part of a recognized group of professionals and a variety of interesting areas to work, the engineering career has much to offer its future students. It is the perfect field for those who are curious about how things work and are created, since it includes the design, evaluation, development, testing, modification, installation and maintenance of a wide variety of products and systems.

However, when it comes to guaranteeing a successful career in engineering, obtaining a degree is simply a fraction of the journey. With the highly competitive market these days, employers only give preference to those candidates who have traveled and studied due to the experience gained that could be useful in the workforce.

Information Technology

Information technology is one of the most demanded industries in Australia and with a career in this field, students can empower themselves with advances in all aspects, including business, health, entertainment and community. It has 8 of the top 100 universities in the world that offer a world-class learning experience and scholarship options for international students. In addition, it is easy for an international IT graduate from Australia to find employment as he gains a better understanding of the business context and technical development to meet the challenges of working in the industry through the Professional Year Program.

With economic insecurity these days, securing a career commitment is difficult in any field. However, information technology (IT) is a diverse sector that encompasses various jobs and career opportunities. There are several career options available for graduates in computer science and information technology to choose from. The most common are the programming of databases, information systems or computing, mobile computing, network engineering, software development, artificial intelligence and telecommunications.


Australia is always known for its excellence in providing quality education, valuable skills and abundant job opportunities for nurses and health workers. It also offers numerous study programs specifically designed for nursing students, including the examination of cultural, political and economic forces that have an impact on health care systems along with comparative studies of nursing license, practice and review of disparities in Health.

Nursing will ensure that you have sound scientific knowledge and skills, as well as practical experience. You will participate in simulation learning using modern technology, practicing your skills in a safe environment before working with real patients. Your practical experience together with expert doctors and nurses will keep you ready to register and work as a Registered Nurse in Division 1. If you have excellent communication skills, show initiative and are patient and discreet when dealing with people of all backgrounds and cultures, nursing could be the career for you.