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Choosing the best location to study isn’t an easy undertaking. You have to consider various factors before reaching the final decision. An increasing number of students are taking an interest in studying in Adelaide, and there are many reasons for this. Adelaide is one of the safest and most affordable cities in the world. The city has many world-leading universities that focus on producing career-ready graduates. Education gained from an Adelaide university is recognized globally. If you are looking for some education consultants in Adelaide, you should research the available options and shortlist the ones that are most suitable for you. You can consult Australia Education Group, which is among the best student visa consultants offering a range of study options in Adelaide.   

Why choose Australia Education Group to study in Adelaide 

Australia Education Group is one of the best education consultants offering various study options in Adelaide. We, at Australia Education Group, offer our students rigorous services starting from comprehensive career counseling, university selection, course selection, admission guidance, and procedure as per GTE (General Temporary Entrant), visa assistance, immigration assistance, scholarships, IELTS, visa interview mock sessions, pre-departure briefing to post-arrival assistance. We assist our students in making informed decisions concerning their study-abroad journey.          

Top universities of Perth

Below you can find some famous universities in Adelaide

  • The University of Adelaide – Ranked 108th globally
  • University of South Australia – Ranked 326th globally
  • Flinders University – Ranked 407th globally       

Reasons to study in Adelaide

Adelaide is among the world’s most livable cities. There are many reasons to choose Adelaide as your study destination.

  • Adelaide is home to a number of world-leading universities offering first-rate education. Universities focus on equipping the students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen field. Teachers are industry experts having years of experience in the field.
  • Adelaide is a small city having an integrated transport system connecting all parts of the city. Students can use a transport card and travel on buses or trains.
  • Adelaide is one of the safest cities in the world, offering a high quality of life.
  • Adelaide is quite an affordable city.
  • There is a lot to do in Adelaide. Even if you have a tight budget, you can enjoy exploring several free attractions that the city offers. It’s guaranteed once you are in Adelaide, you won’t get bored.
  • Adelaide offers a range of employment opportunities for international students, which means that students can make good money while studying and earn valuable experience.

Cost Of Living In Adelaide

Cost of living is an important factor that needs to be considered when deciding a study destination. This needs to be kept in mind that living costs may vary depending on the lifestyle you choose for yourself. Below you can find charges for some major utilities.

Item Charges
Meal at a cheap restaurant  17.00 A$
Meal for two at a moderately priced restaurant  80.00 A$
Water (0.33-liter bottle) 2.75 A$
Milk (regular), (1 liter) 1.47 A$
Rice (white), (1kg) 2.42 A$
Eggs (regular) (12) 4.94 A$
Local Cheese (1kg) 10.87 A$
Tomato (1kg) 4.71 A$
Potato (1kg) 2.95 A$
Onion (1kg) 2.37 A$
Monthly Transportation Pass (Regular Price) 101.00 A$
One-way Ticket (Local Transport) 4.25 A$
Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage for 85m2 Apartment 259.88 A$
A Pair of Jeans 97.11 A$
Rent for 1 bedroom Apartment in City Centre 1,452.94 A$
Rent for 1 bedroom Apartment Outside of City Centre  1,068.81 A$
Rent for 3-bedroom Apartment in City Centre  2,542.63 A$
Rent for 3-bedroom Apartment Outside of Centre 1,714.35 A$

Top Attractions in Perth

Adelaide is home to many world-famous attractions. Below you can find a few

  • Port Adelaide
  • Victoria Square
  • Adelaide Festival Centre
  • State Library of South Australia
  • South Australian Museum
  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden
  • North Terrace
  • Adelaide Oval
  • Glenelg
  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Cleland Wildlife Park
  • Ayers Historic House Museum
  • Migration Museum
  • Barossa Valley

Research centers in Adelaide

Adelaide is home to many research institutions conducting research on a range of areas. Below you can find some famous research institutes in Adelaide:

  • South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute
  • South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)
  • The Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research
  • Joanna Briggs Institute

Fast facts about Adelaide:

  • Adelaide is a small and highly accessible city. You can reach anywhere in Adelaide in just 20 mins. The city is also known as the 20-minute city. 
  • Adelaide is also known as the city of churches as there are a huge number of churches across the city.
  • Adelaide is famous for its globally best-selling opals, and hence the city is called the opal capital of Australia.
  • Adelaide offers the world’s largest display of Aboriginal Artefacts.

When to Apply For Visa Extension

If you need student visa extension, you must apply for the new visa before the current one expires. You might get deported from Australia if you fail to apply for the new visa on time. It is recommended to apply at least three months before the current visa expires. Note that the students applying from inside the country have to follow a different process than students applying from outside of Australia.

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