Documents needed for student visa extension

Documents needed for student visa extension in Australia

If you want to renew your visa for understudy It is necessary to collect all of the necessary documents. For the majority of students, this will include a new Confirmation of Enrolment letter (CoE) from the school which you’ll be carrying the course of your studies.


Personal documents are what you’ll need to supply your

  • identity and prove that you are:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identity page for passports (i.e. each page is stamped with
    visa sample and immigration stamp)
  • National Identity Card
  • The entire household registration books, as well as
  • An CV (certified by local authorities)
  • Certificate of marriage (for students who are married)
  • OSHC Policy Number
  • HAP ID Number
  • Financial capacity evidence
  • Confirmation of enrollment (CoE) codes

Add to your CoE for your current course or a new one that
you’re planning on taking and it is essential for the officials from the visa
and government agencies to know how long you will be on your course will take
and the visa you’ll need to be able to study in Australia.

The most efficient method to accomplish this is to use the
Department of Home Affairs Document checklist tool to determine the information
you need to attach in your request.

Health Examinations and OSHC

One of the most important documents and evidence that you
need to provide is the OSHC health insurance for visa renewals or new student
applications. Australian government has a strong focus on health and encourages
every visitor or student to be covered under insurance during the time they are
in Australia. If your health insurance is set to expire, contact the insurance
company to renew it and ensure you comply with the visa conditions. Contact the
health insurance company to extend or renew your policy prior to expiration.

If your last health check was many years ago in a galaxy far
and far away… you’ll need to start your health screenings.

You can utilize the Health Declaration to find out the
health exams that are applicable to you. To find out, log to the section titled
“Health Assessment”.

You can visit an authorized panel of clinics or doctors
using the Health Assistance Program ID (HAP) and referral letter in Australia.

In the event of a referral note and HAP identification,
Clinic and Doctor will discover the health examination that is required from an
immigration standpoint and on the day of the visit they’ll conduct an
assessment of health.


Based the Your Visa category and country assessment, you may
be required to prove that you have the funds to continue your studies in
Australia indicates financial capability.

Options are available in the in the form of:


This is a good option when you’re looking to complete an
additional an additional year studies. Documentation of the funds required to
cover your cost of tuition, accommodation, and the living expenses for your
stay, which typically twelve months in Australia.

It also contains the flight itinerary for return home
approximately $1000-$1200, Cost of living as per Standard in Australia

AUS$20,000 – 21,000 dollars and a tuition fee of one Year,
whichever course you decide to enroll in and the length of your study.

The evidence of ANNUAL income:

If you plan to take in a long or short course, evidence of a
year’s income is required to get an Australian Student visa either of your
parent, your sponsor or spouse’s income or your personal earnings. The
approximate amount is AUD $62,000.

HOW to extend the student VISA Australia

Students should apply for an Australian student visa
extensions when their current visa expires prior the completion of the course.
This could be due many reasons such as the deferral of course, a reduced amount
of study, failed subjects, a longer research time or the need to enroll in an
entirely new course.

If your visa is due to expire before you have completed your
program, you have to submit a new visa for students request to the Department
of Home Affairs before the expiration date of your current visa.


Technically speaking, you cannot extend your visa! It means
you aren’t able to increase the expiration date of the current visa.

In order to continue to study in Australia you’ll need to
complete the entire process of applying for a student visa. To avoid surprises
at the last minute We suggest that applying at least 3-4 months prior to the
date the expiration date of your current visa.

If you’re seeking to apply within Australia then you’ll be granted
the Bridging Visa A (BVA). It permits you to legally reside in Australia as
your visa process is in progress and will be in effect when your student visa
is due to expire.

If you’re applying from outside Australia then you’ll have
to wait until that your application for a student visa has been approved prior
to re-entry into Australia.

Find the right college or UNIVERSITY ENROLLMENT

If you’ve determined which subject you’re interested to
pursue further it is essential to research colleges and their programs of
study. Are you looking to switch colleges, or perhaps consider an alternative
location in Australia?

If you’re starting in an entirely new field, you might take
the chance to attend one of the short courses to test it. If in the event that
you’re sure you’ll require a second area of interest to your resume and you’re
interested in pursuing the second degree in your undergraduate program. If you
decide to enroll in an introductory course, you must do it by an CRICOS
accredited provider that is in compliance to the requirements of your visa.

The majority of universities in Australia also offer the
option of completing the Honours year. If you’re taking the three-year Bachelor
degree usually, you’ll have to extend your time to complete a research project
and write the postulation. If you’re taking by chance to pursue an
all-four-year Bachelor degree, then you’ll probably have to maintain the normal
requirements for credit or refinement.

Then, first, extend the enrollment period, enroll or
re-enroll in the course, and then get your CoE from the school of choice. The
CoE document must be add to your application for a new student visa.


When you have your application for a student visa completed
to be submitted, complete the application online via your ImmiAccount. After
you’ve filed your application for a student visa, Department of Home Office
Department of Home Office will send you a formal letter of acceptance as well
as a copy of Bridging Visa (BVA).


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